3 things I learned in September.

Happy spooky season y’all! It is October 1st and I am so pumped for fall, cool weather and alllllll the spooky stuff. However, you know me, I can’t move on into October without reflecting on September. I have definitely learned a lot in September and I am super grateful for it all. Here’s a lookContinue reading “3 things I learned in September.”

3 things I learned in August.

As we end August today I wanted to recap a few things that I have learned throughout the month: You get to choose your hard. I was chatting with my big bro @jrthetrainer at the gym last week about something that I’ve read before (I cannot remember where, or who said it, so if someoneContinue reading “3 things I learned in August.”

My top personal growth books.

I love reading personal growth or personal development books! I enjoy reading a variety of book but personal growth books just give me so much to think about and help me learn so much. They give me inspiration to become a better person and share with others. So I compiled a list of my topContinue reading “My top personal growth books.”

Navigating this season and where to go next.

I think it goes without saying that the last few months have been uncharted territory. I honestly debated not writing about the current state of the world but as I continue to navigate through all I have gone through during this season, I felt compelled to create a post. These are just ideas that haveContinue reading “Navigating this season and where to go next.”