3 things I learned in September.

Happy spooky season y’all! It is October 1st and I am so pumped for fall, cool weather and alllllll the spooky stuff. However, you know me, I can’t move on into October without reflecting on September. I have definitely learned a lot in September and I am super grateful for it all. Here’s a lookContinue reading “3 things I learned in September.”

3 things I learned in August.

As we end August today I wanted to recap a few things that I have learned throughout the month: You get to choose your hard. I was chatting with my big bro @jrthetrainer at the gym last week about something that I’ve read before (I cannot remember where, or who said it, so if someoneContinue reading “3 things I learned in August.”

Don’t lose yourself at the expense of anyone or anything.

While growth and change are important to life, losing yourself at the expense of anyone or anything is never worth it. As a recovering people pleaser I understand how quickly this can happen and by the time you realize that you’ve lost a part of yourself, it’s too late. The truth is, there are manyContinue reading “Don’t lose yourself at the expense of anyone or anything.”

Affirmations for your week.

This week I thought it would be good to write out some affirmations for your week! This is something I have been doing on my own for about 3 months now. I have since shared this practice with my students to help them through stressful moments and it has helped me become more secure inContinue reading “Affirmations for your week.”

My top personal growth books.

I love reading personal growth or personal development books! I enjoy reading a variety of book but personal growth books just give me so much to think about and help me learn so much. They give me inspiration to become a better person and share with others. So I compiled a list of my topContinue reading “My top personal growth books.”

26 lessons for turning 26.

Yesterday was my 26th birthday and I thought it would be a perfect time to share and reflect on the years. Some of these are things I have been working on for a while and some of them are brand new to my life. I am by no means an expert on ANY of these.Continue reading “26 lessons for turning 26.”

What you choose to focus on will grow.

We have all heard that before, I’m sure. What you choose to focus on will grow. Makes sense, right? If you choose to focus on your goals, you will grow until you reach those goals. If you choose to focus on positivity, the positivity within you will continue to grow. But, the same goes whenContinue reading “What you choose to focus on will grow.”

New Year Check-In!

So if you’re anything like me you love the idea of a fresh start and new beginning. Well today marks 13 days into the new year, the new year I think we were all ready for. Realistically we all know that we weren’t going to open our eyes to a bright and shiny 2021, withContinue reading “New Year Check-In!”