Get back to it, no matter how long your break is.

So if ya haven’t noticed I took a little hiatus from writing… well not so much from writing but from sharing. I was going through a lot and while I think it is so important to be transparent, I also believe that it is equally as important to not share when things are fresh. While feelings may not change I think that words can. So I feel it was best to take that little break so I could rest, recharge and come back to the words when I was ready. I am so grateful to be back and to keep sharing and writing as I keep on with my journey. I am back to it and ready to grow!

Today I want to share that it is okay to take a break from things. While building habits is so important, it is equally important to rest when you need it. Resting is so much more than physical, it is emotional and mental too. Taking a mental or emotional break can be so beneficial to your health and overall well being. Whether that is simply taking a night in to watch your favorite show, reading a good book, making your favorite meal, spending time with your favorite person or taking yourself on a solo date to do one of your favorite things, it can be so helpful to your life. It is so important to recognize when you need that break so you don’t completely fizzle out. If you are able to refill your cup before it is completely empty, it will be a lot more efficient for yourself and give you that burst of energy you might need! Here are some signs that I notice in myself to let me know that I need a break:

-I start to want to stay home more than normal.

-I don’t find joy in the things I normally do; going to the gym, reading, etc.

-I take my emotion into everything and can’t let things go.

-I can’t journal because there is almost too much to write out and work through.

Now, these might be different in you. So it’s important to learn and understand what you need from yourself. So when I feel that I need this break, I push myself to take it. Most of the time this looks like spending an entire weekend refilling my cup. This can look like staying in bed all weekend and binge watching a show or reading, or going grocery shopping, cleaning my car, doing laundry and countless other productive things that help make me feel good. Whatever I need, I do it! No ifs ands or buts. It makes me feel so much better to give myself that time and that break. And when I need to get back to it, I get up and do it!

No matter how long I am down and out for, I will always get back up. This last time I was really down, it was for a long time. Now, I obviously didn’t have the luxury to avoid all my responsibilities in the world and just relax and take a break. But I certainly took all the time that I could between responsibilities and did my best to pull myself out. I (obviously) took a break from writing, I have taken a break with my business and even took a break from my health. Which I definitely should have been back on top of a lot sooner than I when I got back to it, but instead of shaming myself, I pulled it together and got back to it!

My whole point of all of this is that no matter how long you need a break or what the break looks like, just take it! Fill your cup back up the best way you know how, then once you are up to it, get back to it! No matter how long you stay down, just get back up. Give yourself some love, grace and kindness, then give yourself a pep talk to show up and get back to all the work you want to do! You deserve it for yourself.

All the love,


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