Growing pains.

We’ve all had them, right? Growing up comes with growing pains. Clearly there comes a time when we stop physically growing and our joints can relax…. at least for a while. Well, I think that as we continue to grow mentally, emotionally and maturity wise, we open ourselves up to a new version of growing pains. I think it is important to recognize that choosing to learn and grow is not always fun and inspiring. Sometimes it is asking yourself the hard questions, trusting your newfound knowledge and challenging your old habits and decisions. Sometimes there is pain within the growth.

There are so many opportunities to grow each day and sometimes when those opportunities present themselves, we want NOTHING to do with them. Trust me, I get it. I am queen of side stepping those lessons for as long as possible until I finally have to face them. God has a funny way of showing you what you need to learn, over and over again, until you learn it. Whether it takes you years, months, or minutes to face those lessons and learn from them, those growing pains can show through. Even when we push them off, those pains are just still going to be there.

You know what I mean- leaving a relationship that isn’t healthy, following your dreams and leaving your current job or situation, starting a new path, choosing yourself first instead of others, cutting off a toxic friendship, understanding yourself more and making decisions that can upset others. All of these and so much more could be considered growing pains.

I think that if you are someone that is choosing to try to better your life or situation and need to make those hard decisions so you can continue to learn and grow it can be so incredibly hard. It is so much easier to stay in the comfortability of the way things are. Why fix what isn’t “broken”? Well, if it wasn’t broken then you wouldn’t feel the need to change it. It is difficult to jump up and just make those changes. I definitely struggle with understanding when it is time to change paths and when it is time to just adjust and keep going on that path.

Growing pains can also present when learning in day to day life. Learning a new task, adjusting to a new job or position, understanding what you value in life, relationships and career wise. It can be hard on yourself to push through those little moments of growth and keep going. They can pile up and up and I know it can be so easy to just give up. But doing the work to push through, grow and change can be so empowering. It’s those little moments of struggle that can add up to the biggest amounts of growth.

I write all this to say that if you find yourself coming into a season of change, growing pains are expected and you will be okay. Things may be hard now, but you will make it through. Growing pains are always temporary. Don’t confuse those growing pains with thinking you may not be making the right choices. Be confident in yourself for doing the work to choose growth for YOU.

Others may not understand your sudden change or choice to grow, and you don’t have to explain it either. As long as you are doing what you believe is right for your growth and not harming anyone, then GO FOR IT.

You are allowed to change. You are allowed to make mistakes. You are allowed to grow. You are allowed to leave. You are allowed to stay. You are allowed to change paths. You are allowed choose you no matter what.

If you’re feeling those growing pains, keep GROWING. Don’t let anyone stop you and surly don’t stop yourself. You absolutely deserve all the things you want in life. Make it past the growing pains and do it for yourself.

All the love,


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