My top personal growth books.

I love reading personal growth or personal development books! I enjoy reading a variety of book but personal growth books just give me so much to think about and help me learn so much. They give me inspiration to become a better person and share with others. So I compiled a list of my top 4 personal growth books. These each have a dear place in my heart for one reason or another! They are also pretty different in terms of information and the way they present ideas. I think there is a book for anyone interested in personal development in this list!

  • Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley
    • If you feel stuck, overwhelmed and like you have to figure out your “calling” and have something to prove to others, this book is for you! Jordan Lee Dooley outlines ways to get out of that mindset and learn how to start showing up everyday for yourself and what you were made to do! She shares her own experiences as well as lines out strategies to help with pressure we feel, our own mindset and so many other things. Dooley also shares her faith and how it has helped immensely in her journey.
    • Jordan Lee Dooley also hosts a podcast titled “SHE”. This podcast is available on the iTunes podcast app, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher. In her podcast she speaks on so many helpful topics, shares conversations with professionals and other influencers and gives advice in many areas of life and business. I listen to this podcast weekly and would definitely recommend!
  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle
    • Anything Glennon Doyle shares is just a masterpiece in my opinion. Her authenticity is so inspiring and draws so many to her. In Untamed she shares how to find yourself. How to break down all that you are and all that you are not and sift through it all to find the confidence to solely embrace who you are. She shares her own stories and you are sure to find something to relate to. I have read this book three times now and love it just the same. If you struggle with being 100% authentic 100% of the time, I could not recommend a better book. I think in this day and age with social media being such a huge part of life, Untamed shares a perspective that shatters that perfect profile pressure and really makes you think about what is truly important in life. Not to mention, each time I read this book it left me feeling like a badass.
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
    • This book outlines how to build those small habits that lead to big results. It breaks everything down step by step and even shares how to break some of those bad habits you have. I really love how straightforward this book is and makes you think about things a bit more simplistically. Sometimes when we think about the big goals that we have and the things we want to become we can become overwhelmed. James Clear really presents his system in a way that feels simple to start and achieve. It isn’t about how fast we can reach those things that we want, it is about building small habits to become the person that we want. That way we can eventually achieve those big goals. I could not recommend a better book for those of us that struggle with sticking to those habits we want to build.
  • The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins
    • A simple tactic to achieve huge results. Mel Robbins introduces her 5 second rule and shows so many different scenarios in which it works for you. The book even has recommendations by others that have used the 5 second rule for themselves. They share their experience and how it has changed their lives. This book has helped change my life as well in so many ways. The biggest help being that when my alarm goes off in the morning, I use the 5 second rule and then get the heck up and out of bed! My days have honestly been transformed by this idea and I have used the 5 second rule in so many situations since first learning about it. Once you start using it, it becomes such a great tool to have!

I hope you found something interesting in at least one of these books! And if so, I hope you read the book for yourself! All of these are currently available to purchase on Amazon at the time I am writing this post! If you are currently reading or have read a good personal growth book, please comment and share it with me! I would love to get some recommendations.

All the love,


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