What you choose to focus on will grow.

We have all heard that before, I’m sure. What you choose to focus on will grow. Makes sense, right? If you choose to focus on your goals, you will grow until you reach those goals. If you choose to focus on positivity, the positivity within you will continue to grow. But, the same goes when you choose to focus on those negative things.

I think over the last year there have been many, many things to focus on that could be negative. Our realities were essentially ripped away from us, our families and our communities. The inconsistency that life has brought into our lives has really thrown us all off. I know that it was easy for me to set my focus on the negative things going on around me, which grew the negativity inside me. I was a positive person on the surface, but as time went on I found myself gravitating toward the negativity instead of the positive. It took a lot of work, but by actively choosing to focus on things that would help me grow where I need and want, I have become that truly positive person again. Some days it is so hard to choose and maintain my focus, other days it’s easy. But it is a choice you have to make.

Here are some of my tips to help you step out and choose your focus each day!

  1. Choose your focus areas or goals. This could be ANYTHING you want. Whether it is health and fitness related, monetary, something you want to work towards or something you want to be. Your focus areas and goals are your own to choose. I recommend writing them down and keeping them somewhere you can read and remind yourself of each and every day. I think this is important because it is easy to lose track of all the different areas you want to grow with your busy life. Just hitting reset and reading them each chance you get can help maintain that focus.
  2. Journaling! Journaling has seriously helped me focus SO much on the things I want. I journal differently each day, depending on what I need. Some days it is a brain dump just to get those things out of my head that don’t need to be there. Some days it is a complete story to get out my feelings about things going on in my life. Some days it is more like a diary, because if I can get those things out on paper, I won’t be inclined to dwell on them. My journal is where I get rid of everything I don’t want to focus on and bring forward everything I do want to focus on so I can grow.
  3. Meditation and Affirmations. For me, this looks like leading myself through a short yoga session, really focusing on my breath and letting all feelings of stress go. I also use affirmations within my journaling as well as read them on my vision board each morning.
  4. Spread joy in your conversations, not negativity. This one can be a bit hard. Monitoring each and every conversation can be rough. But going into your interactions with those around you with the intention of spreading joy can help keep those conversations positive and up lifting. Obviously, things are not butterflies and rainbows all the time, but if you can focus on that positive side more often than the negative, it will increase your chances of growing!
  5. Stick to your focus or goals, don’t feel bad about it. Your choice of focus or goals are important to you. So treat them as such! Sometimes it is easy to get so caught up in other areas of our lives that we let what is truly important to ourselves go. This is the part where you have to wake up each day and consistently choose your focus over and over again. Otherwise you can stray so far away from your priorities you find yourself not working towards anything for yourself. You deserve better!

These are just some of the things that have worked for myself. This time has been difficult on us all, so remember to give grace as well. It is important to remind yourself we are all going through different things and struggling in different ways. Be kind, spread love and focus on those good things! Here’s to a great month!

All the love,


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