21 Ways to Spread Joy in 2021

Now that we have entered a new year, one of my personal goals is to remain focused on spreading more joy. I think that this has been something that has always been a priority to me, however in 2020 it was easy to let my feelings about what was going on the world or wherever get me down and sometimes drive me to speak a bit more negatively than I would like. So this year I want to get myself in the habit of spreading all the joy I can! I believe that the more joy you can spread to others, the more joy you will have yourself! Shifting to a positive perspective can do wonders for your day to day!

So if you’re like me and have a goal to spread more joy in 2021, here are 21 ideas to help you get started!

  1. Buy someone a coffee/drink! Doing something as small as buying a friend or stranger a coffee or their favorite drink can mean so much! Choose a friend and just send them a few bucks or pay it forward in line!
  2. SMILE and say hello to a stranger! Even though we are wearing masks, you can always tell when someone is giving you a smile! It always makes my day to make even the smallest connection with a stranger.
  3. Give a compliment! You never know what others are going through and your compliment could make their day. It could be exactly what they needed to hear!
  4. Share something positive on social media! Share something good that happened to you, a positive quote or picture of something that makes you happy. Social media can be so negative so sharing the positivity can spread more joy than you think.
  5. Cheer someone on! There are so many people doing awesome things in their lives. Choose one and send them some encouragement! This could be as small as sending someone a text or commenting on a photo or post of theirs!
  6. Donate clothes/books/anything! Things you don’t use or need anymore can be so helpful to others. This may not be a joy that you yourself will see, but even if one person gets one of your things, it could mean so much.
  7. Tell someone how much they mean to you! Learning that you are appreciated in any way is such a great thing to hear. So often we hear the negative, so getting out that positive can always help!
  8. Write a handwritten letter to someone! Receiving a handwritten letter is always so appreciated! It could be a thank you note, a check in, just some words of encouragement or a good quotes, or even a funny joke!
  9. Be kind to your server or cashier! A nice conversation with you could be the only one they have that day at their job. Spread that kindness!
  10. Share what you are grateful for! Sharing things you are grateful for can encourage others to think about what they are grateful for. It reminds us that we have a lot of good in our lives and can kickstart that joy!
  11. Create something for someone! A drawing, painting, photo, note, something you usually sell, anything. Being creative can help put yourself in a good mindset and giving it to someone else can help spread so much joy!
  12. Leave a positive comment on a social media post! This could be a friend, family member, or even a business page you follow! Kind words can mean so much and when put publicly it can encourage others to do the same.
  13. Bring something to a friend! With good friends you can usually tell what they need. Dropping off even the smallest of things can spread so much joy to a friend who may really need it! The gift itself isn’t too important, its the thought that counts!
  14. Call or FaceTime someone you haven’t checked in with in a while! It is always nice to catch up with a friend and see what is going on in their life. Set up a FaceTime coffee date and enjoy each other’s company!
  15. Lend your favorite book to a friend! I don’t know about you but things like that just make my heart so happy.
  16. Just being nice! Greeting everyone, sharing a smile, speaking kindly and remaining uplifting in general can spread so much joy!
  17. Make someone laugh! Whether its a friend, co-worker or stranger, making others laugh is fun 🙂
  18. Make your favorite meal or bake something for someone! Make some cookies and take them to friends, make a meal for your family or pick up donuts in the morning before work!
  19. Share what brings you joy! Simply sharing what brings you joy can spread it to others so quickly.
  20. Create a care package for someone! Especially right now, caring for those that are sick is so important. You can make them a nice little care package and drop it off at their door, completely socially distant!
  21. Be kind to yourself! You can’t spread joy into others if you aren’t kind to yourself. Make YOU a priority too!

I hope that this year is much kinder to us all than the last. I hope that even through the struggles and challenges you can find ways to spread joy to others! Here’s to a joyful year!

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