Navigating this season and where to go next.

I think it goes without saying that the last few months have been uncharted territory. I honestly debated not writing about the current state of the world but as I continue to navigate through all I have gone through during this season, I felt compelled to create a post. These are just ideas that have hit my brain within the last few months and are my kind of growth mindset version of what is happening in my world and how I am interpreting it all. So bare with my ideas and take what you need!

There are multiple realities to all situations.

This has been on my mind heavy in the last few weeks. It is honestly my favorite thing I am learning throughout this time. I think that it is important to remember in all situations that there are multiple realities. What you experience will NEVER be exactly the same as someone else. You have a completely unique view on just about everything because all of your experiences leading up to the present moment have molded your view on life and all it holds. Your reality is different than mine and THAT IS OKAY. Your reality is different than those around you- your family, friends, coworkers, etc.

In navigating through my thoughts, emotions and day to day life I have found that this is such a relaxing idea. I think it could be for most people. Understanding that things are genuinely not always what they seem helps me to work through how I feel about situations without feeling as though I could have done something to change the outcome. Sometimes, things just are the way they are because people are the way they are. Even though everyone has a different perspective, we are all in this together. And that is the beauty of it. People live each day in their own reality and all we can do is do our best to ensure our part in their reality is positive, honest and loving.

It’s usually not about you.

This one just hits ya right in the ego, right? This one has been the BEST thing to work through. It goes hand in hand with the multiple realities idea, but it is a bit more focused. Sometimes we can let people get to us when they do certain things. It is easy to carry those things with you when they make you angry, upset or even annoyed. It is especially important to remember when people are rude, hateful or just flat out cranky with you. I have started to take a step back and understand that it honestly (probably) isn’t about me. Their attitude, words and actions usually are not about me at all, but about what they have going on in their own reality.

I highly recommend taking a step back and remembering this when you are letting others get to you for whatever reason. Maybe they have something going on in their life you don’t know about. Maybe they are just working through things or just received some bad news. Maybe they just genuinely didn’t think what they said hurt you. We never know unless they choose to share it with us. If they haven’t shared it with you, it probably isn’t about you, so don’t let it get to you.

I challenge you to show those that “get to you” some compassion and understanding today. How can you be there for them in a way that you haven’t tried before? How can you show up for them? Or maybe, how can you work through your feelings about them and let them go? Which leads me to my next, and last, point.

Let it go, or set it down and come back for it.

Yes, you read that right. Shout out to Elsa for giving this idea a theme song! Let it gooooo! I hope you sang that like I just did. Anyways, please just let things go. Life has proven to be heavy these last few months and you can only hold up so much. There is a reason that you can actually feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders when you work through problems- because all you do all day long is collect things and hold onto them. We focus so much on consuming so many things in our day that we forget we can only hold onto so many things at once. Like a server who has two arms full of plates and glasses, we have to be able to balance everything we are holding onto. If we can’t we will have to set it down. Maybe we come back for it later, or maybe we just let it go.

There are so many little things in life we seem to hold onto nowadays. I think partially that is due to living our lives online and feeling all the pressure to have it altogether all the time. But that topic is for a whole other day…. But seriously, how many things are you still holding onto that you should have let go or put down by now? I did an exercise in my journal by writing out all the things I was holding onto in my life. Let me tell you, it took up 2 ENTIRE PAGES! I was holding onto so many things I should have just let go by now. I’m talking about everything from tough memories to small things that were said. I let go of SO many things and felt so relieved after. I also made a list of things I wanted to set down for now and come back to later. It felt so good getting those things out of my mind and being able to feel the weight lessen.

This season has brought on so many things in everyone’s lives. I hope you are able to let some things go so you can carry yourself wherever you plan to go to next.

Where to go next.

Ya know, I have no idea where you can go next. But what I do know is that the last few months have been uncharted territory for us all. Whatever you had to do, however you had to change your life, wherever you had to go, however you had to step up or step down- it was all hard, challenging and different. Your life did not go as you planned and you were probably presented with more stress than normal. Understand that your experience is valid and there may need to be some things you work through regarding your feelings and mindset throughout. You get to decide if you are going to look at your experience and learn or if you’re going to just go through the motions and keep living with the same ideas and perspective.

I hope that where you choose to go next is in the direction of growth and understanding for yourself. I hope you choose to give yourself grace. I hope you create space to work through the fact that you are living in a situation you probably never saw coming.

Wherever you go next, I hope it is truly the right direction for you. And if it doesn’t turn out to be, set it down and choose a different direction!

All the love,


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